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McDonald’s (Prices)


Did you know that in Japan, McDonald’s is called Mac? I've never been to a McDonald’s in different countries. Are product prices different in Japan and Canada?

I know...but, in Canada, Mac remind me of Apple products. They are different and even some of the products they have are different between Japan and Canada. My fav is Teriyaki hamburger that we can get in Japan. Anyway, let's see it!

McDonald’s product prices (CAD$1=¥170 Feb 3/2023)
*excluding tax
ProductJP PriceCA Price
Double Cheeseburger$4.09$4.09
Big Mac$4.59$6.49
World Famous M Fries$3.37$4.19
Chicken McNuggets$2.45 (5pcs)$6.79 (6pcs)
Cold M Drinks$2.45$2.49

McDonald's in Japan is basically cheaper than in Canada.
But, when you consider salaries and prices,
it's worth about the same.
McNuggets are treated as a side menu in Japan,
but in Canada they are treated like a main meal.
Then why is the price of nuggets so different?
It is because Canada has stricter laws on poultry.
This allows for a better product.

McDonald’s (Products)


Different countries have different products. This is because McDonald's strives to ensure that its menu reflects the different tastes and regional traditions of each country.

So, Canada has a Canadian menu. Japan has a lot of limited-time-only menus, but I wonder if that has anything to do with Japanese culture? Well..., you can't deny that limited edition products are very popular in Japan.


*Reference adapted from McDonald's website.
*Feb 6 2023

・ Chicken wraps and poutine are now available as a limited edition menu item in Canada.
・ Poutine is a Canadian-born fast food made from gravy and cheese served over fries.
・ And in Japan, limited-time menus are available according to seasons and events.
・ McDonald's is using the fact that the Japanese like the term limited time as a strategy.
・ The burger above is the current Asian campaign.

McDonald's (how the store looks like)


What about inside of the store? It's almost the same, isn't it? But I can only speak meow, so I can't order.

It's almost the same, the atmosphere of the shops feels the same as in Japan. But in Canada, most people use electronic self-checkouts to order and pay for their food, although you can also order at the counter. So even cats can order!


The electronic device in the picture on the right is in every McDonald's,
from which you can order and pay for your food.
Then you just wait for the clerk to call your number,
which will be shown on your receipt.

The downside of McDonald's in Canada,
in my opinion, is that they are dirty.
I think McDonald's, especially in the downtown area,
has homeless and drunk people vandalising the rooms.